I haven’t seen the film or read the book, so I have no real opinions on the story of Twilight.

The lumber yard where I work sold some lumber to the production company for some of their sets. I remember when the guys at work would ask me – “Hey, did they ever make that Twilight movie?” and I’d say “It hasn’t come out yet, I keep seeing ads on the CW, though.” Then, of course, it exploded into popular culture.

I try not to hate on things of which I have no real opinion. That sort of joking hate meme for characters or people or movies or celebrities can be so insidious that often I don’t realize until months later I don’t actually hate the thing I’ve been mocking, or at least that I don’t hate it to a strong degree. Which is a long way of saying that this cartoon is not intended as a condemnation of sparkly vampires, just as an observation.